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    Russian banks, starting from October 1, will calculate the debt burden for borrowers when deciding on a loan of more than 10 thousand Russian rubles, reported TAUS on October 1.

    It is noted that such measures were taken in connection with the desire of the Central Bank to obviate a “bubble” in the unsecured consumer lending market.

    According to the head of the bank ratings department of the National Loan Ratings Agency, Mikhail Doronkin, the results of the innovation will be clearly visible after at least three months later. For the regulator, a steady decline in consumer lending growth rates below 20% will be acceptable.

    According to the expert, it is likely that additional restrictions will be introduced, if the market continues to grow at a rate above 20%.

    As experts, who were interviewed by RIA Novost noted, most banks have already taken into account the debt burden of customers, so this innovation will not greatly affect the lending market.

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