In 2021, the Guarantee Fund reached another record in its activities to support SMEs in the republic

As of November 30, 2021 OJSC “Guarantee Fund” provided support to small and medium-sized enterprises of the country, issuing a record number of guarantees – 665 guarantees for a record amount of 1, 037 billion soms. Partner banks have issued loans to entrepreneurs in the amount of 3,564 billion soms under the guarantees of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”.

In 2020 Guarantee Fund supported the country’s SMEs by providing guarantees in the amount of 799,1 million soms to secure loans in the amount of almost 3 billion soms.

In 2019 OJSC “Guarantee Fund” provided guarantees in the amount of 780 million soms, thanks to which entrepreneurs were able to get access to credit funds in the amount of over 2,5 billion soms.

Thus, a comparative analysis of the activities of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” only for the last less than three years, allows us to assert the successful operation of the fund, which confirms the steady growth in the number and volume of guarantees provided, as well as the volume of loans issued by partner banks.

As in previous years, JSC “Guarantee Fund” provides priority support to entrepreneurs representing the regions of the country, where 84% of all approved guarantees are sent.