Guarantee support for entrepreneurs in the regions

Another working trip to the region took place. Deputy Chairman of the Board of OJSC «Guarantee Fund” Eric Talasbaev and Head of the Department for Work with Regions Kamchybek Aaliyev paid a working visit to the Talas city.

A number of meetings with the heads of eight branches of partner banks and with entrepreneurs of the Talas region were scheduled from October 4 to 6.

For the purposes of support and partnership, a meeting with entrepreneurs of the Talas region was held on October 6.

The meeting was attended by 15 business representatives of the Talas region, during which Eric Talasbaev and Kamchybek Aaliev spoke about the activities of the Guarantee Fund, the services provided and the mechanisms for obtaining guarantees. Business representatives discussed a number of topical issues and received full information.

At the end of the working trip, Eric Talasbaev and Kamchybek Aliev visited the bean processing enterprise of the potential guarantor of the Guarantee Fund in Talas.

The client has been engaged in bean processing for about 15 years and is one of the main exporters of beans.

Recall that the activities of the Guarantee Fund are aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses in the regions of the country by providing entrepreneurs with access to financial resources in case of insufficient collateral. The Fund also provides consulting support to businesses at the stage of preparing business projects.

Branches of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” operate in all regions of the country.