Malik-Aidar Abakirov’s book “Guarantee Fund: History of Success” has been published

This book tells about the achievements, creation and development of the system of guarantee funds and OJSC “Guarantee Fund” in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The author of the book, Chairman of the Board of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” Malik-Aidar Abakirov describes the principles of achieving success developed by the team of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, thanks to which the Fund has achieved high results in supporting entrepreneurs. The principles of success are universal and can be applied in all spheres of human life and activity.

“My team and I had to work hard, plan and implement new guarantee and other financial instruments, improvise in order to successfully help solve business problems and, ultimately, create a stable financial system of guarantee funds,” writes the author of the book.

The presentation of the book “Guarantee Fund: History of Success” was timed to coincide with the 5th anniversary of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”.

Since the beginning of its activity, the Guarantee Fund has become a system-forming financial institution that provides real assistance to small and medium-sized businesses, providing guarantees in case of insufficient collateral to obtain the necessary loan amount.

According to the author of the book, it is the need of entrepreneurship for guarantee funds, as well as the constant work on their creation and development, that allowed us to achieve the successes achieved by the system of guarantee funds in Kyrgyzstan.

The principles of success allowed not only to develop and use the Kyrgyz model of guarantee funds in our country, but also to implement it in Tajikistan. The Guarantee Fund plans to introduce the Kyrgyz model in other countries, forming a positive image of the Kyrgyz Republic in the international arena.

“Another important purpose of writing this book was the desire to show the younger generation an example that Kyrgyzstanis can create new financial systems, open enterprises, raise the economy on their own, without waiting for tips and financial injections from the outside,” stressed Malik-Aidar Abakirov.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers, managers and employees of companies, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.