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    Requirements to the Client
    Target audience: Legal entities
    Income: Availability of the proven income from entrepreneurial activities to cover loan service.
    Work experience:  At least 18 months
    Selection criteria ·  Providing correct and complete financial information for the company and for a group of related parties;

    ·  Transparency of financial statements;

    ·  Providing a sound business plan;

    ·  Positive credit history;

    ·  Stable current financial position and availability of stable sources for loan repayment;

    ·  Absence of debt to tax and social insurance authorities, executive judicial sheet regarding payments to creditors or the availability of the written consent of the creditor to defer the claim for the period of the guarantee;

    ·  Providing a liquid security for fulfillment of obligations (collateral, etc.) by the potential Client;

    Guarantee terms:
    Type of loan product: ·  Term credit;

    ·  Credit line, with a period of availability of not more than 12 months;

    ·  Credit substitutes

    Loan amount: from  KGS 25 000 000 or equivalent in foreign currency;
    Guarantee amount: not more than KGS 20 000 000 (Twenty million);
    Guarantee period: not more than 48 (forty eight) months
    Guarantee share: not more than 40% (Forty) percent of the loan amount;
    Guarantee commission:
    Rate: Sector:
    2% percent * ·         Agriculture:

    ·         Processing of agricultural products;

    ·         Manufacturing industry;

    2.5% percent * ·         Other sectors except trade
    2.8% percent * ·         Trade;
    * The commission is charged once for the guarantee amount when issuing a loan.