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  • Conditions for obtaining loans

    OJSC “Guarantee Fund” provides guarantees on the following conditions:

    Term is not less than 12 months, amount is over 300,0 KGS thousand For SMEs
    Parameters for loan  
    Guarantee size, % of the loan amount up to 50%
    Maximum guarantee amount up to KGS 7 million
    Established tariff rate for guarantee provision, % of guarantee amount 2% per annum according to passport “Standard”.

    2,5% one-time commission according to passport  “Horizon”

    Term of guarantee up to 3 years according to passport “Horizon”

    over 3 years according to passport “Standard”

    Exchange Rates
    USD 69,85
    EUR 77,86
    KZT 0,184
    Ruble 1,082