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  • Regulation on the Advisory Board on support and development of small and medium-sized enterprises


    1. General regulations

    1.1. The Advisory Board on support and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter – the Board) is a standing consulting and advisory body founded for formulation of suggestions and recommendations to support SMEs as well as to support development of export-oriented productions and enterprises in the priority economic sectors including women’s entrepreneurs.

    1.2. The Board is guided by the Constitution, legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, other regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic and this Regulation.

    1.3. The Board interacts with state bodies, international organizations, civil society, business community and expert groups.


    2. Aims and Objectives of the Board

    2.1. The aim of the Board is to provide targeted and systematic support to SMEs including women’s entrepreneurship, as well as to export-oriented and import-substituting enterprises at all stages of their development.

    2.2. The main objectives of the Board are consideration and formulation of suggestions/recommendations on support and development of SMEs, women’s entrepreneurship, export-oriented and import-substituting enterprises and assistance in their strengthening.


    1. Rights of the Board

    3.1. In accordance with entrusted objectives the Board has a right:

    – to hear matters at its meetings within the competence of the Board

    – to monitor the implementation of suggestions/recommendations adopted by the Board

    – to create working expert groups with involvement of specialists of state bodies, independent experts, representatives of business community;

    – to invite representatives of stakeholders to the meetings of the Board.


    4. Work organization of the Board

    4.1. The Board carries out its work by holding meetings. Meetings of the Board are held as necessary, but at least once a quarter.

    4.2. Materials on issues to be considered by the Board are formed by the secretariat of the Board represented by OJSC «Guarantee Fund» and are discussed at the meeting of the Board in consultation with Chairman of the Board.

    4.3. The secretariat of the Board sends materials on the issues for consideration to the members of the Board and participants of meetings 5 working days in advance of the meeting date.

    4.4. Chairman of the Board presides the meeting of the Board. In the absence of Chairman of the Board, one of co-chairs or Deputy Chairman of the Board will perform Chairman’s duties. The meeting of the Board is considered to be legally competent with the participation of at least half of its members.

    4.5. Resolutions are made by a simple majority of votes of the Board members present at the meeting. In case of equality of votes, the vote of Chairman of the Board or the person replacing him/her is decisive.

    4.6. Resolutions are drawn up in minutes with formed suggestions and recommendations.

    4.7 The minutes of the Board are drawn up by the secretariat of the Board within three working days after the meeting, signed by Chairman (in his/her absence by one of co-chairs or Deputy Chairman) and are sent to the members of the Board and participants of the meetings of the Board.