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    OJSC “Guarantee Fund” (hereinafter the Fund) held working meetings with employees of the following commercial banks:

    Date Name of Bank Region
    January 13, 2017 OJSC “CB Kyrgyzstan” Bishkek
    December 23, 2016 OJSC “Aiyl Bank” Bishkek
    January 17, 2017 OJSC “CB Kyrgyzstan”

    OJSC “Aiyl Bank”

    CJSC “Finca Bank”

    CJSC “Bank of Asia”

    Jalal-Abad city
    January 18, 2017 OJSC “CB Kyrgyzstan”

    OJSC “Aiyl Bank”

    CJSC “Finca Bank”

    CJSC “Bank of Asia”

    Osh city

    At the meetings employees were informed about activity of the Fund, training seminar was held and the following issues were discussed:

    1. Guarantee as SME promotion innovative instrument in the Kyrgyz Republic;
    2. Guarantee development prospects in the Kyrgyz Republic and their effect on country economy;
    3. Target group of the Fund;
    4. Mechanism and stages of providing guarantee;
    5. Inter-institutional cooperation.

    During the meeting the Fund focused attention of Bank employees on the following priority directions of its activity:

    —support for export-oriented products;

    —support for import-oriented products;

    —procuring and processing of agricultural products;

    — women’s entrepreneurship.

    This event will let experts more objectively introduce guarantee products to entrepreneurs and enhance awareness among business communities. The Fund with working trips will visit all regions of the country and further will hold training seminars for Bank employees. It should be noted that one of the priority objectives of the Fund is entrepreneurs’ financial literacy increase and subsequently the Fund will hold “Seminars on financial literacy”, where basics of finance planning will be taught.